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Air with Care - Human remains transportation

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Grace Barnard, Client Relations
Grace Barnard
Client Relations
Air with Care - Human remains transportation

Introducing Air with Care, the air freight service for the transport of human remains, offered exclusively by Universal Logistics.

Choosing Air with Care means your needs will be met by a special team of caring and knowledgeable logistics specialists with many years of expertise in the management of international and domestic transportation of human remains. This means you can expect us to:

  • Handle every step in the process with the utmost respect and professionalism
  • Deal with the technical aspects of human remains shipping, an important advantage for your clients and your business

Your clients benefit because they have the peace of mind that comes with knowing their loved ones will reach their final destination as planned. Your business benefits because you are free to concentrate on the delivery of funerals and providing comfort to the families you serve.

Most important, you can expect a level of service not offered by other companies. The key difference is on-site management of each shipment by a logistics specialist, who also meets the Funeral Director or the driver at the airline warehouse.

More reasons why it pays to choose Air with Care, available exclusively from Universal Logistics

  • Special expertise on how to complete shipping documentation and comply with the complex and constantly changing regulations and security requirements
  • Selection of the most direct route, an important step that eliminates trans-shipment delays and additional handling
  • Ground transfers scheduled on the day of flight departure, a necessary requirement to comply with the airline's acceptance policy for human remains
  • Tracking of the flight and confirmation of arrival at destination
  • Setting up your funeral home as "Known Shippers", a key step because it eliminates the requirement for a 24-48 hour "hold" in the airline warehouse
  • After hours service (after 5:00 pm and on weekends) is available, on request

To learn more, contact us online or call 905-676-2763.

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