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Controlling how freight moves through
your supply chain could save you
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cross border shipments

Single-sourced trucking, customs clearance and distribution to expedite your freight shipments between the U.S. and Canada.

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  • 1 - 2019-05-24: Longshore workers are set to strike at key Vancouver container terminals on Monday, May 27
  • 2 - 2019-05-17: Canada and U.S. Reach Deal to Lift Metal Tariffs
  • 3 - 2019-05-14: Canadian West Coast Ports Update
  • 4 - 2019-05-14: U.S. $300 billion trade action against China
  • 5 - 2019-05-10: Trump hits China with tariff increases
  • 6 - 2019-05-10: Canadian West Coast Ports Update
  • 7 - 2019-05-08: Canadian West Coast Ports Update
  • 8 - 2019-05-06: U.S./China trade war heats up
  • 9 - 2019-04-29: Strike or Lockout possible May 5 at Canadian West Coast Ports
  • 10 - 2019-04-24: Read the April issue of our monthly newsletter (Route)
  • 11 - 2019-04-11: CITT issues steel safeguard ruling
  • 12 - 2019-04-10: U.S. proposes countermeasure tariffs on EU goods
  • 13 - 2019-04-03: U.S. food importers require a DUNS number
  • 14 - 2019-04-01: Ottawa considers increasing retaliatory tariffs against U.S.
  • 15 - 2019-03-15: Higher penalties coming soon for non compliance with trade regulations
  • 16 - 2019-03-08: Importers complain about container handling fees at U.S. West Coast ports
  • 17 - 2019-03-01: Quebec Spring Thaw Restrictions for 2019
  • 18 - 2019-02-25: U.S delays scheduled increase in China tariffs
  • 19 - 2019-01-16: New Canadian food regulations are now in force
  • 20 - 2018-02-14: Read the special Cargo Insurance issue of our Route newsletter (Route)

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