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Photo of truck at border where it could be tracked with the PAPS tracker, available for clients who use the customs brokerage services of Universal Logistics USA.

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How to use the PAPS Tracker

Fax PAPS requests to 1-866-241-7833 or phone 1-800-767-8525. PAPS must be faxed at least three hours prior to arrival.

When sending customs clearance documents, please remember to provide the port of arrival and a contact number where you can be reached.

Failure to take this step may result in delays of your shipment through U.S. Customs. Once a PAPS release has been accepted, Customs cannot change the port code. If you need to change the port code, the original entry must be cancelled and a new entry must be made. Charges may apply.

If your shipment has not been acknowledged by U.S. Customs or you require more information, please contact us:


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Quick Tips

Tip #46 – Issue Express Bills of Lading instead of Originals and avoid delays and unnecessary costs

Original Bills of Lading are a good way to ensure immediate payment of your merchandise on shipments where you do not have an established credit arrangement with your client.

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