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Tracking a shipment with UConnect, a package of interactive online services created by Universal Logistics to help clients manage imports and exports.

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Janice Ilkay, Manager - Information Technology Services
Janice Ilkay,
Manager – Information Technology Services

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In today's increasingly complex trade environment, importers and exporters need to not only track freight movements, but also collect data and generate reports required to achieve full customs compliance.

That's why we have created UConnect, a software package that provides everything you need (document management and imaging; customized tracking and reporting; E-Billing) to manage your business and answer CBSA information and compliance requirements.

Document Management & Document Imaging

  • Receive full visibility to the complete Customs package, including the commercial documents supplied by your vendors for Customs release
  • Enhance your internal audit process with on-line access to the Customs entry (B3 coding form), Canada Customs Invoices, commercial invoices, bills of lading, and certificates of origin, associated with each of your commercial imports.

Customized Tracking & Reporting

  • View shipment details on-line for real-time status updates; search for Released, Not Released, Delivered, In Motion, or Missing Info Shipments according to a range of criteria
  • Create customized reports or download complete shipment details into pdf or cvs reports based on your own parameters and preferences


  • Choose to have all invoices with complete entry package documentation sent by email
  • View all Universal Logistics' billing invoices complete with customs entry, freight documents and commercial invoices on-line

Quick Tips

Tip #41 – If you're not able to control your freight, you should at least know who to contact if something goes wrong

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