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Not sure how to ship clean water technologies to less developed countries? Call the experts, Universal Logistics

Runnig Water

Clean water technologies developed in Ontario, Canada, are in high demand, particularly in less developed countries. But arranging shipping to these regions can be a huge challenge, particularly for companies that are entering these markets for the first time.

That's where RunningWater, available exclusively from Universal Logistics, comes in. It's the ideal logistics package for the some 900 Ontario-based companies that export clean-water technologies. You will especially appreciate that RunningWater addresses all your shipping needs while delivering three key advantages: reduced freight costs, optimized transit times and reduced risk.

More reasons why it pays to choose RunningWater for your next export shipment

  • The most direct, cost-efficient routing
  • Cost certainty (customs formalities, freight, handling, export/import requirements)
  • Complete export reporting using CAED (Customs Automated Export Declaration) to avoid penalties under AMPS (Administrative Monetary Penalty System) and ensure compliance with Canadian export restrictions for certain products and countries
  • Expert advice on foreign customs clearances, import customs regulations and confirmation of the Harmonized System (HS) codes used to determine the tariffs, duties & taxes on imported goods
  • Documentation compliance (which can vary from country to country) to reduce the risks of severe penalties, storage and detention fees, and, most important, avoid having your goods seized or refused entry and returned to Canada at your expense
  • Insurance coverage, a top priority because the risks inherent in international trade are elevated due to the greater distances involved, multiple modes of transport, increased handling, and the higher risk to damage, loss, theft & other associated risks
  • Access to local knowledge, obtained through our network of international and local partners in all major ports & cities, a key competitive advantage that helps ensure your goods are shipped on time and on budget
  • Delivery confirmation, an important step as many payment terms between seller and buyer are not in effect until the goods are actually delivered

Quick Tips

Tip #17 – When it doesn't pay to control your freight

Origin or destination services at overseas locations often involve local knowledge (special collection or delivery requirements) that may best be left to the locals!

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