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Shipping from China or neighbouring Asian countries? Nobody offers you more savings, service and local knowledge

Cathy Fong, Manager - Freight Pricing
Cathy Fong, Manager
– Freight Pricing
China Plus

Don't book your next Asia freight shipment until you have read what Universal Logistics can offer you with China Plus, our unique logistics package for freight destined for North America and originating in China or neighbouring Asian countries.

  • Local knowledge about:
    • customs and export regulations at the point of origin
    • suppliers and transport companies – and the flexibility to choose the best combinations for each client, an option not provided by multi-nationals with highly structured transportation systems
  • Cost-effective consolidations if you have multiple vendors, orders or buyers
  • Value-added services available exclusively from Universal Logistics, such as Forward Thinking, an all-new approach to freight forwarding that has helped many of our clients achieve six-figure savings
  • Total PO Management via an order status update system that makes it quick and easy to track shipments
  • Client specific services, available on request, such as quality inspection prior to shipping
  • All the competitive advantages offered by our well established network of partners, built over the last 65 years to manage every aspect of your Asian supply chain

Two more reasons why it pays to choose China Plus, available exclusively from Universal Logistics

  • Customized air freight management that takes advantage of our agreements with key airline partners serving the Asia to North America (Canada and the U.S.) trade lane and our detailed knowledge of each carrier's routes, flight capacities and competitive advantages
  • Customized ocean freight management via prime carriers with the most direct routing and weekly scheduled consolidation services from the major ports in Hong Kong, China, Korea, Taiwan, Vietnam and India

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