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Debbie McGuire,  Manager - Freight Solutions
Debbie McGuire,
Manager – Freight Solutions

Discover new ways to save on freight costs with a free SMART Freight Review

Get an expert second opinion on your freight spending by ordering a free SMART Freight Review, available exclusively from Universal Logistics. There is no cost or obligation for this proven service, which has helped companies just like yours save thousands of dollars – or more.

The S-M-A-R-T way to move freight

Save – by cutting freight costs and better managing transit times.

Measure – current delivery times and freight costs.

SMART Freight Review

Assess – your needs and available options.

Realize – savings by modifying carriers, routings, transit times.

Take Control – by negotiating INCO terms that maximize your savings.

Reduce freight costs, manage transit times

To order your free SMART Freight Review, contact us today or call our office (905-882-4880).

Quick Tips

Tip #20 – True or false? AMPS penalties only apply to import shipments

Answer: False. Canadian exports are subject to about 17 AMPS (Administrative Monetary Penalty System) infractions.

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