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Compliance clearance consulting

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Canadian customs consulting services

Brian Rowe, Director - Customs Compliance & Regulatory Affairs
Brian Rowe, Director
– Customs Compliance & Regulatory Affairs

While delivering the quick Customs release you expect and need anywhere in Canada and the U.S., Universal Logistics offers unmatched support before and after clearance:

  • Centralized research on product classification and rates of duty under the Harmonized Tariff Act
  • Expert guidance on valuation issues
  • Consultation on NAFTA origin eligibility; Certificate of Origin preparation and renewal management
  • Client Tariff Resume: A comprehensive listing of your suppliers, products, tariff classifications and duty rates, developed by bringing together your product knowledge and our customs expertise
  • GST expertise, including registration, rebates and non-resident issues; excise duty and tax consultation; GST Direct Payment options
  • National Customs Rulings on tariff, valuation and NAFTA; duty/GST relief and deferral requests; temporary importation eligibility
  • Expertise in import permits, quota restraints and packaging and labeling requirements, established through ongoing relationships with other government departments
  • Post-audit services
    • entry review
    • refund and amend
  • Duty Drawback filing
  • Planning and guidance on Customs programs such as the Administrative Monetary Penalty System (AMPS), Voluntary Disclosure and Compliance Assessment Reviews
  • CBSA (Canada Border Services Agency) audit support

Get started today by requesting a SMART Customs Review, a free review of selected customs entries over a specific time period, available exclusively from Universal Logistics.

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