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Canada customs clearance and release services

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Chris Cartan, Director - Operations
Chris Cartan,
Director – Operations

Customs clearance services in Canada

  • Offices at key clearance locations staffed with experienced, fully licensed personnel
  • Application of PARS (Pre-Arrival Review System) to pre-arrange release and avoid border delays
  • Centralized rating and billing to ensure consistent, accurate entry accounting with Customs via electronic communication (CADEX)
  • UConnect: On-line services, including real-time access to Customs release status; document management and imaging; customized tracking and reporting; E-Billing
  • Check status of a truck shipment from the U.S. by entering your unique PARS bar code in to the PARS tracker (Customs Brokerage Clients Only)
  • Fully certified under Partners In Protection (PIP)
  • Ask about our unmatched pre and post clearance services

Get started today by requesting a SMART Customs Review, a free review of selected customs entries over a specific time period, available exclusively from Universal Logistics.

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